Head of Learning Design & eLearning Services


Louise manages the team and ensures each member is utilising their skills and passion to their full potential. She ensures that the energy and morale of the team is kept at a high level.

People development is key when it comes to Louise's team and with years of experience within Human Resources and Learning Design the team continues to grow from strength to strength. In her spare time Louise loves to go for a run and keep active.

Learning Design Manager


Stephen focuses on using his more than 20 years of experience and insights in the learning and development field to enable the team to do their best creatively and as learning design professionals. His passion is using technology and evidence from the science of learning to produce learning experiences that deliver improved performance in the workplace. After hours, Stephen enjoys cycling, walking, or watching sport and wildlife.

Instructional Designer


Dean is the longest standing member of the Learning Design team. With over thirty years in the aviation industry both in the military and civilian sectors, Dean has the specialist knowledge to aid the team in various projects.

With a background in aircraft mechanical systems and experiences as an aircraft type rating instructor, Dean is the go-to for all things aviation specific.

As the department grows and new projects are agreed, Dean will be the technical liaison between subject matter experts and the department’s Instructional Designers and Developers.

Instructional Designer


Paul is the process guru, he is one of our eLearning specialists who plans, designs and builds some of our engaging digital learning.

Paul is a qualified Graphic Designer and has many years experience within the world of eLearning. He loves to put a process in place as well a plan projects from beginning to end. In his spare time he can be found walking his chihuahua.

Instructional Designer


Becky is the office Illustrator whiz on all thing’s graphics, she has many talents and is qualified in art and design. She’s one of our eLearning specialists who designs and builds some of our engaging digital learning.

In her spare time, she’s one of three registered taxidermists within the local area and has had her art showcased in the TV series ‘Victoria’.

Instructional Designer


Laure is one of our educational experts and is currently planning the transformation of all training notes, the core teaching material for all Resource Group Apprentices and B1/B2 licence students.

With a background in pedagogy and learning methodologies, Laure worked for eight years as a teacher and mentor to new teaching professionals, developing engaging lessons and has developed a love of teaching and learning. Laure, although originally from France, now speaks with a slight Gloucestershire accent!

Course Developer


Sophie is one of our Course Developers, with a keen interest in all things grammar. Day-to-day, she can be found developing lessons and educational elements using a variety of programs such as PowerPoint, Word and the Adobe Suite.

Outside of the office, she loves to get involved in crafty projects such as pottery and sewing, as well as attending gigs and bouldering.

Course Developer


Gail has worked in education in various capacities for 20 years, developing teaching material and courseware and gets to check quality and content against assessment criteria.

Gail enjoys keeping fit by hula hooping in her spare time.

Instructional Designer


Christian joined the team from Lockheed Martin where he worked as an Instructional Designer. He has over 20 years’ experience using a range of authoring tools on military courseware projects.

He has a critical eye for detail and always strives to exceed customer expectations. In his spare time Christian can be found walking his dog Ossie, or in his home music studio.