The Need

We understand the importance of establishing the correct training for employees. Inappropriate, or inaccurate training can result in a business wasting money and time, and often leaves employees lacking in skills. Our core aim is to mitigate this; we cater to business needs, to minimise the learner’s time away from the workplace, to maximise cost-efficiency, and ultimately to reduce business risk.

Organisations often experience the integration of new company processes, upgraded equipment, gaps in performance or a previously unforeseen need for training; there are many reasons why a training need might arise. We engage our clients to explore these pressure points and illustrate them through an in-depth training needs analysis.

Our expertise, considers demographics, learning behaviours, the occupational context of employees, key performance indicators and long-term business impact. This information is utilised to develop clear training recommendations; keeping the learner at the forefront of the requirement.

The Design

Best practice is applied to design appropriate, clear and concise training materials.

Depending on the requirement, designs may utilise traditional methods such as classroom based learning and courseware, to evolving practices such as: Gamification, Video, Animation and 3D modelling.

Many training design organisations rely on client expertise for subject matter input and review. However, by employing appropriate subject matter experts, we are able to remove this burden entirely; involving clients as much or as little as they wish to be.

The Application

Working closely with our clients, we determine how best to deploy the training throughout their organisation. We realise the importance of a training implementation strategy and help our clients establish process and monitoring functions to ensure the best training experience for their learners.

The Result

Throughout our process, we actively seek feedback from our clients, individual learners and key project stakeholders to ensure the original need is met. Results aren’t limited to a final score, or a test but may include the impact of long-term information retention, ethos changes within organisations and confidence levels improving amongst staff, allowing individuals to flourish in their role.

We establish what success means to our clients, which then acts as the foundation of the design and application, leading to the result.