A unique, bespoke, digital way to learn, giving the ability for the user to study at their own pace in their own self-learning environment.

App Building

Standalone learning apps that can be preloaded onto Android or IOS devices to allow for digital offline learning. Intuitive designs for any business.


Designed for the reporting, and certifying of eLearning courses and training programmes, as well as administration and tracking of student progress.


Media that can be captured and tailored to enhance your chosen product.

Learning Campaigns

A modern way to impart knowledge; a Learning Campaign provides content in bite-sized chunks ensuring training is effective and makes best use of learner time.

Blended Learning

Combining traditional classroom-based training with eLearning and a self-study approach allows learners to have more control over when and how they study which greatly impacts the efficiency of a course.

Interactive Classroom Training

Transforming traditional classroom-based training by utilising an interactive approach to study, and therefore improving knowledge retention and encouraging critical thinking.


The usage of game design principles in non-game contexts. Gamification is incorporated within training to promote problem solving whilst keeping learners engaged.